About Us

Scot Wolfe founded Progressive Copier Systems, Inc (PCSI) out of his family’s garage in 1986. The company specializes in new and used copiers, copier repair and service and the business has grown to include expert technicians, fully-certified networking consultants and a full support staff to serve all of Southern California.

Scot and the staff at Progressive Copier Systems pride themselves in keeping up to date on the latest technologies in the rapidly changing field of copiers and multi-function printers so they can provide the best service at the lowest prices possible for PCSI customers.

Scot, his wife Fiona and their children Zack, Travis, Noah and Alexa are all active in their community.

In addition to volunteer coaching at Foothills Christian High School, Scot Wolfe is the Founding Chairman for the non-profit organization Invisible Children. His family devotes time, money and effort to Invisible Children, a global effort to stop the use of child soldiers in genocidal wars in Africa


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